What We Do

Perspective Change Consulting Limited are a specialist sales consultancy and training organisation with global capabilities.

In a todays world it is becoming increasingly difficult to demonstrate real differentiation in a highly competitive business environment.

You must continually strive to understand what your clients are trying accomplish and identify the reasons  it is important to them, in order to create true value in their mind. Only when you have this level of detailed understanding can you position your capability and solutions in way which creates real differentiation from their perspective.

We believe that the most important differentiator today is How You Engage With Your Clients!

This is what Perspective Change Consulting will help you achieve, effectively  Creating Client Value Through Your Sales and Marketing Organisation.

Our clients recognise sales a key driver for their business, are receptive to change and new ideas and want to build sales excellence withing their organisation.

Through our global network we work with our clients to develop their sales organisation on a UK, European and Global level.

Our Engagement Model

We deliver through a structured engagement model, tailored to each specific client requirement. The key elements are:

Engagement model


About Us
  • Our focus is our clients success
  • We deliver results
  • Long term client relationships are paramount
  • We are passionate about sales
  • We are open, honest and credible

Perspective Change offer comprehensive portfolio of consultancy services to help take corporate strategy into action through the sales organisation.

These include:

Sales Strategy and KPI Definition
Compensation Planning
Job Role KPI Definition
Implementation Planning
Sales Funnel Design
Sales Force Discovery and Assessment Profiles

Through our partner organisation, SootheSole , we now offer reflexology as part of our wellbeing programme for our clients

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Creating Client Value Through Sales & Marketing