Channel Enablers

Channel Enablers ChannelPROTM Framework

Here at Perspective Change we specialise and have extensive experience in multi-channel operations. We are practitioners with Channel Enablers and the proven ChannelPRO™ framework which delivers unique solutions for our clients specific issues and opportunities

The ChannelPRO™ method is used to evaluate partner programmes and benchmark it against industry best practices in order to answer the most important question; “What should we do to drive sales productivity and improve our profitability?”

Channel Enablers ChannelPRO Framework

The ChannelPRO™ methodology is built upon seven Key Performance Areas (KPA’s):

  • Target Market Segmentation and Mapping
    Do we have enough of the right type of coverage to address the market opportunity?
  • Whole Product
    The totality of products, services, attributes  and partnerships that are required to completely meet market requirements.
  • Partner Selection & Recruitment
    Identify attributes of an ‘ideal’ partner,  determine ‘gaps’ among existing partners and  recruit the best new partners.
  • Channel Enablement
    Systems and processes that drive the creation  of more effective partners and speed up time  to market.
  • Partner Programmes
    Identify the most effective partner programme elements and understand competitive issues.
  • Sales Productivity
    Sales territory and partner planning alignment to drive sales productivity.
  • Company Alignment
    Are we organised, measured and compensated  in a way which effectively integrates our channel strategy into overall business?


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