Sales Funnel

Having a relevant, robust sales funnel, which is applied with rigour, is essential for any organisation. It is the heartbeat that drives business growth.

Too often, organisations apply little or no rigour around this critical area. Many organisations leave it to their sales managers to produce a forecast which is often based on intuition and their confidence in the information their sales people provide. There is little or no consistency.

Ask yourself these simple questions:-

  • How accurate is my forecast?
  • How confident am I in presenting these figures to the executive board?
  • How confident am I that my sales people spending their time on the best opportunities, talking to the right people at the right time?

A well designed sales funnel starts with having a robust sales process that your sales people can easily understand and align to your clients buying process. It will detail some key actions at every stage and ensure that you are getting the right level of commitment from your clients that reflects the level of investment you are making in the pursuit.

A traditional sales funnel intimates that it is gravity fed, put enough opportunities in the top and you will get some orders out of the bottom. This old way of thinking does not work!  If we apply the right resources to the right people at the right time, based around the clients buying  process, we will be more successful.

This of course, requires sales teams to work hard and smart, so we prefer to think of the sales funnel this way.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 09.50.21We will work with you to design or enhance your fully customised sales funnel model, depending on where you are as an organisation. From helping you define a sales process through to coaching you sales managers and teams how to apply it with consistency and rigour, ensuring:

  • Increased win rates for planned business aligned to your business strategy
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Well defined criteria driving focused actions and  continued investment decisions
  • Greater management insight  to highlight key coaching areas for their sales teams
  • Clear direction for sales people as to where they should focus their efforts


As part of Miller Heiman’s Sales Access manager tool, Sales Process Funnel, pulls the output data from your CRM and visually displays the funnel shape, value and opportunities within a salesperson’s, team’s or organisation’s funnel. Colour and size cues allow users to filter out the noise within the funnel to focus on particular aspects of opportunities that are of strategic importance.

For the first time, management has a simple, accurate tool that provides them with a visual window into what is happening in salespeople’s individual funnels. By easily allowing sales managers to inspect what their salespeople are doing, the tool affords managers insight into which opportunities should be further explored and which should be ignored, resulting in an increase in overall funnel accuracy.

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