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Miller Heiman is the proven leader and innovator in sales execution with more than 35 years of helping businesses grow profitable sales by increasing their close rates, lowering the cost of complex sales and reducing the length of the sales cycle.

By defining and measuring successful selling, our methodologies, processes and tools help drive performance – as more than two million Miller Heiman alumni around the globe can attest to how our processes and methodologies have impacted their incomes.

Our cutting-edge, innovative Sales System® continues to help businesses implement best practices through building a common framework of easily repeatable methodologies.

Miller Heiman is a worldwide leader in sales performance with programmes in 35 countries and in 22 languages. We have corporate offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and distribution partners throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America/South America.

A world-class selling system

Our clients profit from our world-class selling system and repeatable methodologies, which leverage extensive research and a precise, customer-centric approach to promote sustained results. The core programmes for managing complex sales—Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling® and LAMP®—provide a common language and common-sense approach to sales management for organisation s around the globe.

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Complex client engagements require a structured approach to maximise return on investment.


Our approach maps onto your strategic and tactical objectives.

The framework  below, highlights the approach we undertake with our clients to ensure that the solution we provide them with, delivers against their objectives and drive the desired leadership and sales behaviors to ensure a successful transformation.



Miller Heiman integrates our sales solutions methodology into your CRM platform with our Sales Access Manager software,  a major contributor to sales productivity whilst also driving improved adoption of the CRM system itself.

Real world experience

At each engagement, Miller Heiman’s sales consultants draw from their own experience as sales leaders at some of the world’s largest companies to provide guidance to clients. Their expertise ensures Miller Heiman clients benefit from deep understanding of the issues and challenges that sales forces face and how to use the methodologies and or sales processes.

Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) 

Strategic Selling®

Conceptual Selling®

Channel Partner ManagementSM

Strategic Selling® Funnel Management

Conceptual Selling® Coaching

Negotiate SuccessSM

Strategic Selling® Coaching

Securing Strategic AppointmentsSM

Sales Excellence AssessmentSM

Funnel ScoreCard®

Executive ImpactSM

Advanced ConceptsSM

Sales Access ManagerSM 

Consulting Services – We provide consulting services around all aspects of Miller Heiman, Sales Transformation and Sales performance Improvement


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