Miller Heiman Group

There is a good chance you already know the Miller Heiman name as one of the most well-known and respected brands in the sales and service training industry. But what you may not know is how we have reinvented ourselves and now we have set out to reinvent the industry.

Sure we have a proud legacy—built on a combination of the most experienced people in the business and the most trusted solutions in the market, built on historic brands such as Miller Heiman, Huthwaite, AchieveGlobal, ILS and solutions like SPIN® Selling Conversations, Strategic Selling®, Professional Selling Skills®, Large Account Management ProcessSM and Conceptual Selling®. But innovation rules business today and as you spend time with us you will see not an old Milller Heiman but a bold, powerful and innovative NEW Miller Heiman Group. With new solutions that only we have, technology that only we can deliver and innovation in not only how we think; but how we can help you rethink selling and servicing customers


Everything begins with the customer. That is our belief. This means that, for our strategies to be successful, they have to be based on the customer’s perspective. No exceptions.


  • Our Mission is to help clients grow profitable sales.


  • Our Vision is to be the key resource for sales leaders globally, who want to empower growth through strong, meaningful and ongoing connections with their customers.


  • Our Purpose is to elevate the role, status, precision and strategic importance of the sales profession.


Miller Heiman Group helps companies and their sales leaders globally build and sustain successful, customer-focused high-performance organizations that can drive profitable, predictable top-line growth.





Creating Client Value Through Sales & Marketing